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Pupil Anger Trifold leaflet

This is a pupil anger trifold leaflet with hand information on the emotion of anger.

An ELSA contacted me asking if I had any leaflets for pupils so I created this. If you like this and think it would be useful do let me know and I will look at creating leaflets for other emotions.

The leaflet takes the pupil through what anger is, triggers, body feelings, labelling the feeling, scaling, and coping skills.  I would suggest you give this leaflet out at the end of your sessions on anger or if you are just talking through anger with a pupil you go through the leaflet and explain everything in more detail with them.

You will find instructions for printing and folding the pupil anger trifold leaflet within the download. You can add your contact details to the leaflet by typing in the BLUE box. The font is set to the same as the leaflet and the text auto adjusts so you can write a bit more than just your name. You might want to write where the pupil can find you. The blue box does not show when you print.

You can contact me through the Facebook group, Facebook page, or Instagram

Download: Anger leaflet for pupils

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"The amount of resources is great, there are so many topics covered, this really helps me plan a session, great when planning time is so limited. Also, they are colourful and appealing to the children which helps them engage in the activity."

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