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Social and Emotional Leaflets for Parents (Pack 1) – Item 486


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This is a bundle of 4 social and emotional leaflets aimed at parents. Common sense advice to help them support their children at home. If you want to try a sample to see what they are like then download our SELF ESTEEM leaflet

We have now added Leaflet holders to the pack. 

How can you use these social and emotional leaflets for parents?

  • Have them in your Reception for parents to take.
  • Give them out to a parent if you are working with their child on one of the issues.
  • If you have a child on your waiting list, a friendly word with the parent and a leaflet may help their child until you have space.
  • Put them on any ELSA displays you have where parents might see them.
  • School might have asked you to do a table display for parents evening, so pop them on that display along with your ELSA leaflet.
  • If a teacher is struggling with one of the issues with one of their pupil, give them a leaflet. It might help them too.
  • Put a few in each class for the teacher to hand out to parents, as needed.

Please DO NOT share these on websites. This goes against our copy right terms of use. 

The leaflets are trifold so have six sides to them. They are to be printed duplex and instructions are given within the resource on how to do this using Adobe settings. The resource comes with a PDF to print where you can handwrite your contact details. It also has a file where you can edit the details in PowerPoint.

The margins do need to be cut off all the sides so the leaflet folds properly.

Areas covered in these leaflets are:

  • Grief
  • Emotions
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Anger

The Grief leaflet

This covers ‘what is grief?’ How children show grief in different ways and the whole range of emotions they can show. It looks at feelings in more details and how to help children express their feelings. Routines and support are covered where parents are asked to create a circle of support for their children to show their child that they are not alone and have a great support network. How to talk to your child is covered with mention about not using euphemisms and using clear and age appropriate language. Taking time out and planning relaxing and fun activities to show the child that life does go on. ‘Do more to feel better’ is a fab strategy to help everyone feel a bit better.

The Separation Anxiety leaflet

This covers ‘what is separation anxiety?’ and at times when this may occur such as going to school and bedtimes. Thoughts are looked at and parents can see examples of the types of thoughts their child might have and the whole range of emotions they may have. It looks at body feelings and a whole range of physical symptoms the child may have from tummy aches to nausea. Behaviours are covered which shows things like being clingy, trouble sleeping, crying and aggression. Parents are encouraged to validate feelings that their child’s emotions are valid and normal. It looks at ways to help and how to make a separation plan.

The Emotions leaflet

This covers areas of emotional literacy with ways to help. It looks at recognising facial expressions, understanding, labelling and expressing feelings. It looks at the physical feelings their child may have due the feeling different emotions. Regulation is covered with examples of calming activities in a safe space in the home. Empathy is covered with ways to help their children develop more empathy.

The Anger leaflet

This leaflet covers ‘What is anger?’ What are  the different reasons for angers such as a situation, a physical reason such as tiredness, and also anger as a secondary emotion. Anger is being fuelled by an underlying emotion such as anxiety. It looks at physical body signs in response to adrenaline. Labelling the feeling is talked about along with the range of feeling words for anger. The main message is to encourage their children to SAY HOW THEY FEEL. It looks at reflecting on the anger outburst when all is calm and thinking of better ways to deal with the situation. The leaflet explains how to set up a safe space in the home for regulation.

"My go to to find any resources, easy to Download, affordable and sometimes free! A godsend when you don’t have a budget! if there isn’t anything suitable Debbie then magically creates it!! Amazing"

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