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Affirmation station display packAffirmation station display packAffirmation station display pack

Affirmation Station Display Pack – Item 597

This is an Affirmation display pack. A wonderful way of helping to raise the self esteem of your pupils. All you need is a mirror…


bee emotions display packbee emotions display packbee emotions display pack

Bee Emotions Display Pack – Item 592

This is a bee emotions display pack with lots of resources to promote emotional intelligence through the use of our favourite insects: bees! Help pupils…


emotions iceberg displayemotions iceberg displayemotions iceberg display

Emotions Iceberg Display pack – Item 587

After writing this blog post I decided to try and make some paper resources. This emotions iceberg display pack can be used on the wall…


summer successsummer successsummer success

Summer Success Display Pack – Item 574

This is a summer success display pack which has been requested by many ELSAs to compliment our other seasonal display packs. We have Autumn, Winter…


Anger volcano craft activityAnger volcano craft activityAnger volcano craft activity

Anger Volcano Craft Activity – Item 549

After making the Anger volcano pack I was asked for something more suitable for younger children. I have come up with this anger volcano craft…


elsa wellbeing calendar 2024elsa wellbeing calendar 2024elsa wellbeing calendar 2024

ELSA Wellbeing Calendar 2024 – Item 538

This is an elsa wellbeing calendar made up of 12 x A3 posters. Each one can be displayed at the beginning of the month. There…


Anger Intensity Scale Wall Poster – Item 533

This is an anger intensity scale wall poster which is helpful for pupils to recognise where they are on the anger scale. Are they just…


apple emotionsapple emotionsapple emotions

Apple Emotions Display – Item 529

This is a set of apple emotions for display. This was a request from one of our lovely followers on Instagram. These emotion apples can…


twinkle and shinetwinkle and shinetwinkle and shine

What makes me Twinkle and Shine? – Item 528

What makes me Twinkle and Shine? This is a self esteem activity for children. What sort of things help them to twinkle and shine? What…


mindful colouring namesmindful colouring namesmindful colouring names

Mindful Colouring Names – Item 521

Here you have a PowerPoint file of editable names. You can click on the name and change it. It will go to two lines if…


Natural buntingNatural buntingNatural bunting

Natural Bunting – Item 517

There are two sets of natural bunting in this pack. One with a wood background and autumn leaves and the other with a sandy beach…


starring me balloonstarring me balloonstarring me balloon

Starring me Balloon – Item 510

This 'starring me balloon' is a great activity for September. Great back to school activity for ELSA, or class teachers. Included in the pack: Balloon…


emotions busemotions busemotions bus

Emotions Bus – Item 508

This emotions bus resource is for pupils who have an special interest in buses. It is colourful, bright and engaging. You can use this as…


emotions train expressemotions train expressemotions train express

Emotions Train Express – Item 507

This is an emotions train express for younger pupils or pupils that are particularly interested in trains. It is a way of engaging them with…


Hive of memories displayHive of memories displayHive of memories display

Hive of Memories display pack – Item 495

This hive of memories display pack is perfect for transition and children moving on to the next stage in their school lives. It could also…


memorable momentsmemorable momentsmemorable moments

Memorable Moments Jar (partially editable) -Item 493

After creating the free resource for year sixes lots of people have asked for different year groups. This resource is partially editable so you can…


editable take a calming strategyeditable take a calming strategyeditable take a calming strategy

Editable Take a calming strategy – Item 492

This was a request from an ELSA for an editable version of our FREE Take a calming strategy tear off strips. I have added two…


exam tipsexam tipsexam tips

Exam Tips Display Pack – Item 491

This is a 'Exam tips' display pack and is a request from a secondary ELSA who loved our test tips and wanted something for GCSEs…



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