Alexa (4th September 2017)

Hello Debbie

I recently ordered a selection of the paid-for ELSA resources, having previously tried out the free ones on the website. I wanted to write and say how impressed I am with the quality of the materials and I can’t wait to use them with the children I work with! You do a great job J

Mary (8th June 2017)

It has been the best thing I have bought/downloaded from you and have felt so grateful to have this resource, I have used it myself with pupils but have also sent a copy home with several parents whose children are struggling with different problems and they have been filling it in and leaving it on each other’s pillows. The feedback and gratitude from the parents has been wonderful to hear as they have been able to communicate with their child in a way that wasn’t possible in any other way at difficult times. I have thought of you Debbie so often in the couple of months that I have started using this resource and said a silent Thank You to you for making this available as it really is worthwhile and gives much needed help. Thank you so much for all the help your website has given me in my work I really appreciate it.

In response to Heart to Heart Diary

Juliet (16th March 2017)

I’ve just downloaded my items.. inc emotion fans, intervention for children regarding divorce, transition lap book… I am so pleased and excited to start printing these off and using them! Your resources are fantastic and I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of it! This site is invaluable and must be helping so many ELSAs and in turn so many children. Thank you!

Harriet (9th Dec 2016 )

I’m currently seeing 5 children with anger issues and have used the Mind Monsters powerpoint every day since I downloaded it. It’s brilliant – both as a starting point, or as a review of sessions we’ve already done. An invaluable resource! Thank you.

Lorraine (13th November 2016)

Dear Debbie 
I just wanted to say a great big thank you. when I started doing ELSA nearly 4 years ago now, I was at the start of a somewhat unguided journey . Myself, and I know many other ELSA’S were all looking for resources to help our children . I have watched your website grow over the years. I know many ELSA’S have helped contributed to your ideas, but the amount of work effort and professional resources you have made is truly unbelievable! I feel that if ever I need inspiration for new ideas or revisit old ideas, your ELSA resource page is my first port of call. I have helped so many children using your resources and they have loved them. I have been able to tailor to the individual child with a different theme or new concept . You always seem to be reinventing old resources and adding something new everyday. You truly are one Inspirational woman. Thank you Debbie.

Jain (17th January 2016)

ELSA support has just helped me so much, I was feeling overwhelmed trying to find the resources/planning I was being asked to provide by my teacher and head, but now I’m excited to go to work tomorrow and show them both ELSA and I’m looking forward to delivering the self-esteem intervention

Mary (19th October 2015)

Just came across your website today and I wanted to congratulate you on a great website – interesting, informative and ideal for someone like me who is contemplating a move to the field of emotional literacy for children and young people. Well done.

Rosie (31st August 2015)

Thanks so much, Debbie. Your resources are great and have helped me and the children I work with hugely over the last year. I just knew you would create some great resources from the film Inside Out, as soon as I saw it advertised!
I’ve already printed the new resources and I’m off to see the film this afternoon! Keep up the fantastic work!

Bridget (13th May)

Just wanted to say thanks for the Elsa/Frozen downloads, they were perfect for a pupil who is finding her epilepsy difficult to cope with at the moment. I also love the ‘Take a Smile’ poster.

Monica (19th April 2015)

Your resources are kid-appealing, user-friendly for both professionals providing services directly to children (I provide Child Play Therapy) and teaching parents how to implement positive, and in many cases, brain-based, skills, coping strategies and activities. Your feelings dictionary is phenomenal. I cannot think of a single adult in the world who would not benefit from using it, to challenge and promote self-understanding and emotional intelligence!

Thank you!

Norma (16th February 2015)

Norma was having problems with her grandson at nursery and she contacted me asking for help. I advised her on resources to use and activities to do with him. This was her response after just a couple of weeks.

Hi Debbie, wanted to say a big thank you again for the resources, since we have been using the emotions cards at nursery and home we have seen a different boy he is happier and his behaviour has improved dramatically. Thank you so much xxx

Analiese  (2oth November)

Thank you so much for another fantastic resource.  I feel very privileged to be able to access all the things you constantly share.  From resources to genuine, heart felt advice …….. a guardian ELSA.

Vicky  (2oth November)

Firstly just to say you are a godsend! After 3 months of working in a school (post 10 yrs in industry!), the HT decided to send me on ELSA training. I had no idea what it was really and what I was getting myself into! After turbulent times at school, management changes etc I felt completely lost. Without the support of your website, amazing resources and the facebook pages you run, I wouldn’t be able to do my job. A year later, I actually feel like I’m achieving some good results and now I know what I am doing! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A Selection of comments on ‘Emotion Face and card pack’ Facebook Page

These are a wonderful resource, I have taught all ages from 2 years to 65 from 20+ nations in 5 countries; these would be helpful in every one of those situations. – Lynne

I love these! Really couldn’t do my job without your resources – Tammy

I agree with all that has been said, we are all so lucky to have your help, advice and support! I have so little time to plan but I know that I can have a look at your stuff and I am then inspired! Thank you – Kellie

I think they are great I’ve been looking for something like this for my kids as I know some stuff they see as a little babyish but this is great thanks! – Suzie

They are such a wonderful resource! Love your work and am amazed by your creativity- Kerry

Love these great for my PSHE work in school. You could use them so many ways with groups and one to one. Brilliant idea. I really enjoy using your resource the children and staff get so much out of them.- Rita

These are great, just starting out as an ELSA and your site has been great for helping me get started- Tracy

This is so well done and nice and clear for the children. Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work! I always want everything you do! These would be very useful indeed – Jennifer

I just love your resources – they’re so well thought out, relevant and appealing to children (something that’s so important in this kind of work). Thank you for all you do – keep up the great work. – Julie

Amazing for my year six group . How the emotion shown on your face communicate to others how you are feeling. They find the Eyes the most difficult to see the change in. Brilliant resource! – Deborah

Love these as I do all your resources. Thank you for all you share – Liz

Rebecca (2nd July 2014)

Hi, I am a teacher and parent living in Melbourne, Australia. I recently came across your Facebook page and discovered your resources. I love your ideas! They are very practical to use in the classroom and at home with my children. I have shared a link to your page to my fb friends. I also recommended your website today to a child psychologist. Thank you for sharing your ideas and resources:)

Laura (29th May 2014)

I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your resources. As a very busy behaviour support worker I find them a lifeline and very effective for the pupils I support. I have twice run the busy bees nurture group and find the completion of the journals very time consuming but the end effect so worthwhile. It was the end of a group two weeks ago and I invited parents in to share their child’s journal with them. 3 of the 6 parents came and they loved looking at the pictures and comments. I believe in the nurture group so much the success of it has been shared with another local school whose head has agreed to their support staff buying and implementing it.

Anon (comment from the questionnaire)

I have used the cool bags with great success and social group planning activities. Your website is my bible in providing me with fun but clear activities for all the children I work with in school. I have recommended your site to the whole school staff. Every time I use one of your activities the children get so much out of it and it is making a difference to all year groups within school. thank you for a brilliant website.

Sally (20th April 2014)

Hello, I would just like to tell you what a wonderful site this is. It has been hugely helpful to me when planning my ELSA sessions and I have used many of the resources, particularly the games. At a ELSA supervision meeting on Monday, I took along some examples of resources I have found on your site to show my colleagues and have spread the word. Thanks again.

Sue(30th March 2014)

Last week I used the free Minion’s Emotion cards to play pairs with all my groups, year 1 – 6. The aim was to go back to basics and taking turns. I have to say, they all loved it. So much so, quite a few asked for sets to take home to play with their family which is brilliant as its often hard to get family involvement. Thanks once again Debbie. -Sue.

Rita (19th March 2014)

This mine craft behaviour chart has been a hit with the children I work with, they are working harder to get the squares to put on the charts,
As mine craft is a big hit with children I needed something to get the children motivated to change there behaviour and am so pleased I came across this. brilliant idea,
Thank you so much just wish I had thought of it myself.
Rita Saunders Learning Mentor.

Jan (Thursday 17th October 2013)

I work as an ELSA in a secondary school and discovered your website last week. It has filled me with renewed enthusiasm as I work my through your resources. Our new intake is very needy and we are working with some young students who have very low resilience. So much work has gone into this. It is going to be very helpful. I will be sharing this address with my colleagues. Thank you

Sue  (Sunday, 6th October 2013)

Thank you so much for your support and guidance. Have started my friendship group which all children just love.

E Robbie       (Tuesday, July 02 13 05:28 pm BST)

I have been covering a PPA position since January and mostly teach SEAL lessons. I have only recently discovered your site and I only wish I had found it at the start! The ideas and resources you provide are absolutely fantastic and is a firm bookmark in my ‘Favourite’ tab! Thank you so much for the site and the help and ideas you provide. Invaluable.

Marie-Pierre Bijlani                (Sunday, April 28 13 08:39 pm BST)

Great website!!!! I am training as an ELSA and found your website very interesting, full of ideas and resources. Thank you

Chloe                (Monday, January 28 13 09:41 pm GMT)

Fantastic site, will be telling the other ELSAs about it at the next supervision session in Bournemouth. Thank you

Carolyn                (Friday, November 16 12 10:05 am GMT)

Thanks for the fantastic resources on this website and the useful links. I am always dipping in to them and have strongly recommended them to the rest the staff running social and emotional support interventions in school.

Sarah                (Tuesday, October 02 12 08:10 pm BST)

Hi Debbie,
Thanks so much for these resources, I have just started my training to be an ELSA and have told everyone on the course about this site!

Dena                (Monday, September 24 12 10:34 pm BST)

Excellent site, great to get new ideas, what a fantastic resource you have put together. Well done for all your hard work, I will add some ideas for games. Thanks

Wendy Maddison                (Saturday, September 01 12 06:13 pm BST)

Hi Debbie, Well done! What a wonderful site, full of useful resources. I have already put the link on our VLE!

Karen Greenaway (Friday, June 29 12 01:18 pm BST)

This is a great website! Will recommended it to my supervision group next time we meet up (ELSA in Sutton)

Jane harwood (Wednesday, June 20 12 05:00 pm BST)

A really useful site. I have been working as the ELSA in my school (wiltshire) for 6 months and have found it time consuming to search out resources. Thankyou I will use it a lot.

Rosy                (Sunday, June 17 12 09:03 am BST)

Wow what a wonderful site, just starting out on my journey of the ELSA role. Such lovely resources and all in one place. Many, many thanks for all your hard work. Will share the site with all the Plymouth ELSAs at our next meeting.

Alison                (Sunday, June 17 12 08:00 am BST)

This is really great. I have not come across an ELSA before, but lots of the things on here and on the ELSA website refer to some of the children I have in my groups so will ask my SENco if they have heard of it. Many thanks again. Alison

Beth                (Saturday, June 16 12 10:09 pm BST)

What a fantasic resource and certainly what all ELSA’s need. I will certainly tell all my fellow ELSA’s in West Berkshire during my next supervision session about the site. Well done!!!