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Pupil Leaflet Holders for Display


Pupil leaflet holders

Pupil Leaflet Holders for Display

You will find all of our pupil leaflets to date (10th December 2023).

Our leaflets are an ongoing project so more leaflets will be added in the future. Any new leaflets to the site will have one of these leaflet holders included.

I have included the link to each leaflet that goes with the holder within the file. Just click image before the holder to take you there. Some are free.

Please ensure you print just the page you require by selecting the pages in print settings.

Download: Leaflet holders

If you do have a budget you might consider buying these from Amazon.

We love these leaflet holders but our home made ones are pretty cool too!

You could stack them in each section and pull out all those mini lessons to talk through and send home.


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