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Sleep Tips for Children

An ELSA asked me for some Sleep Tips for children. We do have a more extensive list  here in our sleepy mobile

These sleep tips for children are great to give to a child who might be struggling to sleep. Setting a bedtime and sticking to it is key along with a good bedtime routine.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for children’s development. We all know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep. Children can struggle with sleeping for many reasons from watching scary movies, overthinking, worrying, drinking caffeinated drinks and not having a good routine. These tips are simple and hopefully will help.

If you are ever worried about your child’s sleep issues please do contact your GP for advice.

Do look at worry dolls. They can be purchased from Amazon or children can make their own. Click the picture to take you through to Amazon.

These are very cute too. A bear that is reversible and shows an awake face and a sleepy face. Great for talking to and telling worries. Click the picture to take you through to Amazon.

Dreamcatchers are also fab for hanging up at bedtime and to remind children that the dream catcher will trap all the nightmares. Click the image to go through to Amazon.


You can download the sleep tips here Sleep tips for children


"I absolutely love the resources on your website. Our school have bought a few and I have personally. I have built up a great library and you have helped me out with leavers presents in the past, also love the Friday freebies! Thank you very much."

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