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Responsibility tree

This is a responsibility tree which is autumn themed.

Teaching children about responsibility is an essential life lesson, and what better way to make it fun and engaging than with a Responsibility Tree activity! This interactive and creative project allows young children to understand and embrace their responsibilities in a playful and colourful way. Whether you choose the pre-designed colour version or opt for some artistic colouring fun with the black and white version, this activity is sure to inspire a sense of duty and ownership in pupils.

Start by discussing what responsibility means with the pupil. Use simple language and examples that they can relate to. For instance, responsibilities can include cleaning up toys, doing homework, or helping with household chores.

If you chose the black and white version, invite the pupil to colour the tree and its leaves. They can get creative with colours and patterns to make their tree unique.

Now, ask the pupil to think of things they are responsible for. These can be daily tasks or special responsibilities. Write each responsibility on a leaf cutout (provided on the template).

Using glue the pupil can stick each responsibility leaf onto the tree. As they do this, talk about why each responsibility is important.

Once all the leaves are attached, ask the pupil to display the Responsibility Tree in a place where they can see it every day, like on the fridge or their bedroom wall.

Download: Responsibility tree

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