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How to be a good friend cards – Item 340

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There are 40 brightly coloured cards showing ways to be a good friend. Perfect for KS1 and Lower KS2.

Use these as discussion or teaching points on how to be a good friend. Each card can be a learning objective for the pupil to work on. The ‘How to be a good friend cards’ can be used during circle time for whole class discussions.

Pupils will learn how to make good friends and most importantly how to keep good friends. Every ELSA should have a set of these cards in their everyday kit.

During circle time pick a card and pass it around the circle. Can the pupil identify a time when they did this?

Questions you could ask: What is happening in the picture? Do you think this is friendly or unfriendly behaviour? Do you do this? Can you think of a time when you did this? If you don’t do this now is this something you could try? How do you think the person would feel if you did this? How would you feel if someone did this to you? Can you act this out now with puppets? Could we act this out together?

You can download a free set of worksheets to support these cards here.

Just added some question cards which you can download for free from here.


"These resources are simply fantastic! They are reasonably priced (or free), and as a new ELSA, helped me to get set up and generate ideas for how to manage my planning, assessment, communication and sessions. Thank you, Debbie."

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