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Voyage to Calm Island – Item 581


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The object of the ‘Voyage to calm island’ game is to be able to explore angry feelings in more detail using the questions on the board.

After making the ‘Voyage to positive thoughts’ game I was asked if I could do something similar for anger. Here it is!

Age range for this game would be KS2, KS3 and KS4. (use the anger trigger cards appropriate for the age of the pupil)

Included in the pack:

  • Game board (A3) or bigger if you use the ‘poster settings’ on Adobe reader print options
  • 48 Anger trigger cards (A3 size)
  • An editable slide in PowerPoint with more anger trigger cards – adapt to your pupils.

For the ‘Voyage to calm island’ game you need:

  • The game board printed as A3 or bigger
  • Cards printed, cut out and laminated
  • A die
  • A counter for each player

To play

Each player throws the die, and the highest throw goes first. Play continues clockwise around the players.

Throw the die and count that number of clouds. Pick an anger trigger card. Use the question to discuss. Can the person answer the question? If they can they can stay on their cloud. If they cannot answer, then the person anticlockwise to them can try to answer the question. If they can answer they can move their counter one cloud forward. If they can’t answer, then the next person anticlockwise can try. This can continue until someone has answered.

The person who reaches Calm Island first is the winner. They must throw the exact number on the die to win.

Take every opportunity to discuss the anger scenario as a group.

More information

There is an editable slide with this resource so you can adapt the questions towards the pupils you are working with. The questions used on the board are based on managing anger in a healthy way and opening up discussion on anger.

"My go to to find any resources, easy to Download, affordable and sometimes free! A godsend when you don’t have a budget! if there isn’t anything suitable Debbie then magically creates it!! Amazing"

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