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Anger Volcano Pack – Item 548


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This is an anger volcano pack with visuals and worksheets to help pupils with their anger. Anger is a secondary emotion and there is usually something underneath that is causing the angry feelings.

It could be sadness, worry, parent separation, loss, shame, loneliness to name but a few. Pupils will explore what is causing them to feel angry.

The volcano is a metaphor for anger and clearly shows how the lava builds up until it explodes into the sky just like anger does. Anger can build slowly and pupils need to recognise that this is happening so they can deal with their emotions safely.

It is important to emphasise that anger is a normal emotion that everyone feels. It isn’t a bad or negative emotion.

Included in the pack

  • Anger volcano visual
  • Anger volcano for pupils to write what is underneath their anger
  • What do you do when you are angry?
  • Body feelings when you are angry
  • Coping strategies visual
  • Coping strategies worksheet
  • What is my anger masking worksheet
  • What is my anger masking face for drawing expressions (boy version)
  • What is my anger masking face for drawing expressions (girl version)
  • How anger builds colouring activity
  • What does each level look like?
  • Causes of anger list for marking off and adding to
  • Anger warning signs list
"The Favourites game is a favourite of mine and the children at school. It’s a great ice breaker in the getting to know you session. They children love it as they get to find out about me too. It’s such a simple resource, but one I use at least once a week Lesley ELSA & Learning Mentor North London."

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