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Positive thoughts Island display pack – Item 580


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This is our Positive thoughts island display pack which is based on our Voyage to positive thoughts game

When I shared my ideas on Instagram Someone contacted me and said ‘This would make a great display pack’ so here it is. This display is to help pupils change their negative thinking and reframe their thoughts. Lots of very useful questions that could be used and referred to during sessions.

Print everything on A3 paper for best results.

Included in this Positive thoughts island display pack

  • Boats in different sizes
  • Turtles in different sizes
  • Positive island
  • Negative island
  • 22 Thinking bubbles with questions
  • Horizontal borders with quotes
  • Vertical borders matching colour
  • Editable horizontal borders if you want to write any other quotes
  • Editable question thinking clouds
  • Banner (use Adobe to print poster size as big as you want it)

Turquoise colours are calming so choose something light for the backing board. I placed this mock up on white just so you could see the elements clearly.

Have fun with it and arrange things however you want to. There are lots more questions so you could put them all up or you could change them from time to time.

"The site not only gives me fantastic resources that are so budget friendly to support our pupils, it is also a great support for me too. Knowing Debbie is there with her wealth of experience is amazing and the network she has grown of other ELSAs is brilliant."

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