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Social and Emotional EXCEL assessments – Item 195

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These are social and emotional support excel assessments. To attempt inclusivity for older pupils, this resource has been updated. One example of the changes made is replacing the term “playtime” with “breaktime.”

***Update – We have now added a Welsh version of the Excel. Please note this is not the paper version but the Excel version.

These Social and Emotional Support EXCEL assessments are perfect for an ELSA or anyone else who needs to track progress and impact of intervention.

These assessments do not have an expected score. They are primarily used as a tool to evaluate the impact of interventions. It is anticipated that emotionally literate pupils would tend to achieve higher scores on these assessments.

These are so quick and easy to fill in. No calculating to do as it is all done for you. It is a matter of clicking a number for each statement.

Please ensure that you have Excel installed on your computer as they do not work on Google Sheets, which has limited capabilities.

By purchasing this download, your school is granted a license to utilise these assessments. This means that only one purchase is required for your entire school, allowing everyone within the school to utilise them. In the case of an Academy, it is recommended to purchase one for each school within the Academy. Alternatively, if you contact us, we can provide you with pricing options for multiple schools.

What’s included in the Social and Emotional excel assessments?

The pack includes two EXCEL files. One file is designed for the teacher or someone who knows the child well to fill in, while the other file is intended for the child to complete with assistance from an adult.

The forms should be filled out by someone who knows the child well, preferably a person or persons who have a close relationship with the child. It is crucial to communicate with parents as well, as behaviours exhibited at home may impact the child’s experiences at school, and additional background information can be valuable to include in the forms. This information will assist in planning and shaping interventions. Three targets have been provided at the bottom of each sheet to guide your decision-making on how to support the pupil. Choose areas where the pupil has low scores.  It’s important to remember that addressing everything at once may be overwhelming, so it’s advisable to approach it in stages.

In the pack:

Social and Emotional Support Assessment excel workbook. This contains the following pages:

  • Graph summary
  • Summary
  • Profile sheet
  • Guide
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Emotions
  • Friends
  • Growth mindset
  • Independence
  • Self-esteem
  • Social skills

Social and Emotional Support – Pupil Assessment. This contains the following pages:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Post-assessment
  • Graph Summary
  • Summary
  • Profile sheet
  • Guide

Kindly be aware that this resource is non-editable. It is not permissible to make any modifications or alterations to the provided resource. Please adhere to our terms and conditions.

A free copy of the paper copies:

Conducting assessments on children is crucial to determine the necessary planning and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. This ensures that your role is efficient, and it provides tangible evidence of the impact you’re making. Assessments help validate the positive difference you are making in supporting the children’s well-being and development.

"I love them , I have been a pastoral TA in Primary for 4 years and have used them a lot , currently doing ELSA training !"

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