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ELSA Individual Planning template pack – Item 488


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ELSA Individual Planning template pack

This pack is purely for one to one sessions. You can find the Group Planning pack here.

This pack of three fillable forms plus examples are great for using on your computer. Lots of people like to plan at a computer now and it makes organising your planning so much easier. These templates are set up as fillable forms. This can guide you to cover all the areas needed in your session planning. My planning templates are simple and concise. When you work to an objective but also cover other areas such as warm ups, emotions and relaxation it can really help the WHOLE child. It keeps sessions pacey and fun. There is always something new to do and you will find your sessions flowing beautifully. You will also find that your pupils will improve in many areas as well as their main target.

Included in the pack:

  • Individual session planning sheet (Use your 6 week overview to plan each session. If things need adapting as you go, it is easy to edit your overview and adapt it to suit).
  • Individual session 6 week overview (This is for you to plan the overview of your sessions. What steps does the pupil need to achieve their overall target?)
  • Individual assessment record (This is a simple form for you to make notes and a simple traffic light to say whether the session objective has been achieved.)
  • Examples of all sheets filled in for fictitious pupil Joe Bloggs
  • Booklet showing how to fill in each section of the forms and guidance on planning.

Text boxes

The blue boxes you can see are where you can type. Don’t worry these don’t show if you print your resource. Each text box has a font embedded so you can’t change the actual font. The text size is automatically adjusted depending on how much you write. So the more you write, the smaller the text will become. This helps keep everything neat and tidy on one sheet of paper. You don’t have to write lots though. Keep your planning easy and simple to follow. KEY POINTS only. Help save yourself time. You will see a few examples in the pack of my planning ideas.


It is important to set up a planning folder on your computer with sub folders for each pupil. Save the planning with the pupil’s initials, session number and date.

To save the file

To save the file once filled in, all you need to do is click ‘SAVE AS’ find your folder, sub folder and name your file.

To print your file

You can print your sheets and keep them in a file which is useful when you are actually delivering your session.

To print your file, click PRINT, set the size of your paper to A4, fit to the printable area, select the page number and then print.

Over time you will create a bank of useful planning sheets which you can refer back to when you have new pupils to work with.

"There is almost always something that can be used for nearly all situations. Even when having to quickly think on your feet, there’s a child friendly resource that's colourful, fun and easily accessible. Instructions are always easy to follow, with examples of questions to ask or things to talk about. The free resources are a brilliant starting point for new (and experienced!) ELSAs too."

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