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Editable ELSA Leaflet – Item 487


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This is an editable ELSA leaflet which needs PowerPoint to edit.

After launching our new leaflets a few people have asked for things to be changed to suit their setting. I thought this was the easiest way to ensure you could all make a leaflet suitable for you!

This template gives you a canvas to create your own bespoke leaflet. All the text can be changed to suit your setting. If you want a free copy of our leaflet then that is available here but if you want to tweak it then please purchase this version. You cannot change the font on this but you can change the headings and text.

Apart from our bee and logo the clipart has been removed which would make it more suitable for secondary ELSAs.


"Excellent resources that fit with what I need. Free ones and excellent priced ones that I can afford to buy personally as school has no budget."

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