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Anger Volcano Craft Activity – Item 549


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After making the Anger volcano pack I was asked for something more suitable for younger children. I have come up with this anger volcano craft activity.

This is a craft to make a volcano either with the child or as a visual to work with a child. It is available in colour and black and white.

Included in the anger volcano craft activity:

  • Volcano template in colour – this shows visually how the lava gets hotter until it erupts and there is also a scale on one side.
  • Volcano template in black and white
  • Flames/lava for pupils to fill in their behaviours when they are angry
  • Simple cone trees for pupils to fill in their calming strategies
  • Paper slips for posting into the top of the volcano to show things that are underneath or behind their anger. These slips will drop to the base of the volcano, inside.
  • Worksheets to support the volcano craft

The anger volcano is a great metaphor to show how anger can build until it finally erupts in ways we perhaps don’t want them too.

Pupils will write their behaviours on the flames, calming strategies on the simple trees and they can also think about what is underneath their anger or inside of them that anger is masking. These slips of paper can be dropped into the volcano to show they are inside and underneath.

"My favourite resource that’s so simple, yet effective is the ‘can I control it’ activity. I have used this time and time again with KS1 children and it has helped them to decipher what is or isn’t in their control. I love the free resources and the mindful colouring (all variations), who doesn’t love a bit of colouring"

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