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My ‘Un-Do’ list

Most people right ‘to do’ lists. This is for writing about all the things you want to stop doing. What things stress you out? What things make you angry or anxious?

It might make you feel stressed to do your homework at the last minute so on your list you could write ‘I want to stop leaving my homework until the last minute’. It might make you anxious to think about being lonely or not having friends so you could write ‘I want to stop thinking negative thoughts’. It might make you angry when your little sister takes your things. You could write ‘ i want to stop leaving my things out and then my little sister can’t take them’.

Download: The undo list

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"Being the only ELSA in my setting until now, I don’t know what I would have done without this website. It’s been amazing. 'Support' is definitely the right name for it! Thank you, Debbie."

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