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BREATHE exam and test anxiety – Item 561


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This is our BREATHE exam and test anxiety intervention which will help pupils be more positive about exams and tests and enable them to cope better. This resource is suitable for Year six for SATs and secondary pupils for exams.

Each letter of BREATHE has a lesson plan with all the supporting paper resources.

Breathing techniques

Pupils will learn different breathing techniques and understand what happens when their amygdala triggers the fight flight response (Amygdala hijack)  and how breathing techniques can calm their brains and switch on their prefrontal Cortex. This technique can help them switch their thinking brain back on during exams.


Pupils will look at the ways in which they can relax their bodies and minds. They will understand the importance of taking time to relax when studying and how it will help their performance.

Energy Levels

Pupils will look at their energy levels. What drains them and what increases them. They will use the metaphor of a battery to understand this context. A full battery is best for sitting exams or tests.


Pupils will understand how their stress bucket can get filled to the top and how to let out the stress. Feeling less stressed about exams and tests will increase their performance. A little stress is fine but not too much.

Talk to yourself

Pupils will learn to use self talk to help them have a more positive outlook to their exams or tests.


Pupils will look at asking for help if they are struggling. There is always help available if they find their feelings are getting too big.


Pupils will look at how their happy brain chemicals are released through exercise and how to incorporate some exercise into every day. Exercise will increase happiness, battery levels, release stress,  and being able to cope with the exams and tests.

Included in the Breathe exam and test anxiety pack:

  • 10 page planning booklet
  • Feelings check in
  • BREATHE Bookmarks various colours
  • Feeling Poster (emoji style)
  • Lesson one – Amygdala Hijack A3 poster, Breathing cards
  • Lesson two – Ways to relax mini booklet, A to Z list
  • Lesson three – Battery A3 Posters (with and without face) Battery worksheet
  • Lesson four – Stress bucket A3 Poster, Let out the stress worksheet
  • Lesson five – Inner dialogue A3 Poster, Positive self talk worksheets and mindful colouring
  • Lesson six – People who can help me worksheet
  • Lesson seven – Brain chemistry A3 Poster, Exercise list and weekly plan


"As a newly qualified ELSA, Debbie's amazing resources have helped me, more than anything else, to get a practical foothold in my role. Often created in response to the needs flagged up by fellow ELSAs, they're diverse, engaging, accessible and form the much of the core of my sessions, planning and assessment."

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