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Musical Emotions

This is a musical emotions pack for Teens or upper KS2.

The benefits of music are vast and include:

  1. Music helps us express and deal with our feelings, like happiness, sadness, or anger. It can also make us feel better and relaxed when we’re upset.
  2. Music can help us relax and feel less stressed. It can make us feel calm and peaceful by changing the chemicals in our brain.
  3. Happy and energetic music can boost our mood and make us feel happier and more motivated.
  4. Listening to music makes our brain work better, helps us concentrate, and remember things.
  5. Music brings people together. Going to concerts, singing with others, or dancing together helps us make friends and feel like we belong.
  6. Music can make exercise more enjoyable and improve our performance. It also helps us relax and lowers our blood pressure, which is good for our heart.
  7. Making music lets us express our feelings and be creative. It’s like telling our own story in a special way.

Included in the Musical Emotions pack:

  • My emotional playlist – pupils write down titles of songs, how they make them feel and why
  • Lyrics – pupils choose a favourite song with lyrics that mean something to them
  • Write your own song – pupils have a go at writing a song linked to an emotion of their choosing. A simple – verse, verse, chorus, verse format
  • Self care playlist – pupils choose songs to match the prompt – eg a song that makes you sleepy
  • One liners – pupils choose favourite lines out of songs that they love

To download the pack : Musical Emotions


"There is a good variety to cover different aspects of well being. The children enjoy using them, there are different types of resources for different ages They aren’t just worksheets. They are inexpensive to buy. Often free."

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