Express yourself tab booklet

This is an ‘express yourself’ tab booklet where pupils can express their strengths, wishes, feelings and thoughts.

Strengths – this is something the pupil does well it can also be a personal characteristic.

Wishes – this could be a goal that they want to set for themselves or just simply things they wish for

Feelings – this could be how they are feeling right now

Thoughts – this could be things they are thinking about right now

Download: Express myself tab booklet

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"Such a wide range of resources to choose from - always something that can be used for different ages and situations. I have used so many and return to them time and time again. They are all super, but my favourites are the actual programmes that run over several sessions - for example the Super Girl Group. So easy to follow, it provides great confidence to allow you to really engage with the group rather than worry about what to do next. Brilliant."

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