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Pupil Wellbeing Calendar – Item 546

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This is a pupil wellbeing calendar and is a version of our ELSA calendar which is in black and white for colouring in.

Please note that we include two years of calendar in this resource. We update during the summer holidays so want to make sure that if you work on the school year September to August rather than a calendar year January to December, you have all versions covered. You can download the new version from August onwards. You get free updates each year if you purchase this resource.

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  • Joyful January – the focus is on being joyful or happy
  • Friendly February – the focus is on being a kind and caring friend
  • Mindful March – the focus is on mindfulness
  • Active April – the focus is on being more active
  • Mighty May – the focus is on being brave
  • Jaunty June – the focus is on being confident
  • Judicious July – the focus is on making decisions and making wise choices
  • Ambitious August – the focus is on setting targets
  • Serene September – the focus is on relaxing the body and mind
  • Optimistic October – the focus is on being more optimistic and looking on the bright side
  • Nurturing November – the focus is on protecting and caring for others
  • Dependable December – the focus is on being reliable and trustworthy

This resource is for pupils to colour in each month. There is an affirmation each month which they could mark off on the calendar each day they say it or each day they do it. They could colour in the day or tick it off.

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"In my many roles under the Wellbeing umbrella, including ELSA, Debbie's amazing resources always come up trumps and there is always a resource to fit a situation or need. Helping our children is made so much easier and more fun with everything that is on the site and if there is a resource you need, Debbie is always willing to create one that fits your requirements. Thank you.Annie - Wellbeing Lead/Learning Mentor/Nurture and Pastoral Support - Primary"

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