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Crossing the midline exercises

I saw a video the other day about anxiety and how crossing the midline repeatedly can actually waken up the logical part of your brain and help both sides work together. This video showed a man passing a bottle from one hand to another hand repeatedly. It seems a simple thing to do and I thought it might be helpful to try. The midline is an imaginary line down the centre of your body and is an important development step with young children. Very young children will tend to reach for things with the hand on same side of their body rather than use the other hand to cross the midline.

There are two information sheets below with a few exercises to try. Many years ago I did a course on gross and fine motor skills and crossing the midline was a big part of it. There are two versions of these sheets, one to print and one to use in our PowerPoint tool. You can slot the PowerPoints into that or save them in a file of all your PowerPoint resources.

This resources is in a zipped folder so may not open on your phones. Please use a laptop.

Download: Crossing the midline

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