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This PowerPoint is huge with over 50 slides that are useful for online learning. Parts of the PowerPoint are editable so you can create the perfect lesson if you are having to work from home or having to deliver sessions to a child who is isolating at home. You need PowerPoint to enable you to use this, however you can also upload to google drive and open with google slides.

It can also be used one to one or with a group if you have access to a computer for your sessions in school.

I have tried to simplify this as much as possible but you do need some knowledge on how to use PowerPoint or google slides. However, I am here as always, and only an email away if you need help doing something.

Included in the pack

  • PowerPoint with over 50 slides
  • Example lesson plans in PDF format
  • Tips on how to use the pack

You can also print anything from this PowerPoint should you want to.

The idea is that you delete the slides you don’t want and create your lesson. I have included examples of lessons so you get the idea on how to do this.

There is a mixture of tools for you and your admin and tools for showing visuals and stimulating conversation with your pupils. I have added as many templates as I can think of that would be useful to delivering online.


  • 6 week overview for planning
  • star countdown
  • sticker chart and stickers
  • emotions register graphic and with words
  • scaling sheet
  • assessment sheet for session
  • smart targets
  • pupil feedback
  • positive characteristics
  • friendship words
  • physical signs body sheet with body parts and example feelings
  • warm up questions
  • anger and anxiety visuals
  • chatmats
  • 3 houses
  • circle of control
  • calming ideas visuals and words
  • worry dolls
  • Wally worry
  • synonyms of emotions
  • helping a pupil grieve (adult information)
  • warm up question grids – give me five, responses and would you rather?
  • Positive self talk
  • and lots and lots more…

There is a little booklet free to download here which gives you an overview of how you can use it for planning and also a few PowerPoint tips.

Download: Lesson planning and tips book

Depending on how many of you decide to use this I will be creating resources in future with images that you can insert into this PowerPoint where possible to do so. Please do let me know how it goes for you. Any feedback is welcome. It is the first time I have created anything like this but I felt there was a need to help support you as much as possible to deliver learning at home if needed.

"This site is absolutely amazing! So many wonderful resources and if you want something tailored to your needs Debbie is happy to oblige. Thank you for all your hard work Debbie."

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