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ELSA Confidentiality agreement

This ELSA Confidentiality form is a result of a discussion on the ELSA support group. We drafted this agreement together.

It is really important when working with a child that you follow all safeguarding procedures and one of those is discussing confidentiality. It is so easy to end up in a tricky situation if you do not begin your sessions by talking about confidentiality. Children need to know that you will talk to someone if you are worried about them in any way. By outlining your expectations at the beginning will avoid any feelings of betraying a trust.

Have a look at this form and consider using it. You can obviously change it to suit your school or child. It is in word format.

* An ELSA has just contacted me about a little note onto the form about the definition of ‘confidential’ I think you could do this or certain it needs discussing so the child is fully aware of the meaning.

Download: ELSA confidentiality version 5

Thank you so much to Faye for translating this into Welsh. Download: Confidentiality

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