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Building Confidence Pupil Leaflet

This is a ‘Building confidence pupil leaflet’.  It is written in a child friendly way so pupils will understand.

We have lots of other Pupil Leaflets on the website and you can find them all here

Included in the ‘Building confidence pupil leaflet’:

  • What is confidence? – A description of what confidence is and how you can cross the bridge from self doubt to self confidence
  • What is self doubt? – Description with examples and a chance for the pupil to write down what their little voice might be saying.
  • Confidence knockers – What sort of things knock confidence and a chance for pupils to write down what knocks their confidence.
  • Confidence boosters – Ways to build confidence.
  • Setting yourself a goal – Steps to set a goal – success breeds confidence.

There is an editable part for you to put your contact details or just your name. Simply type in the blue box. Don’t worry the blue box doesn’t show when you print. You can of course just print it and handwrite your details.

There is also a BLACK AND WHITE version included in the pack.

Important information

This leaflet is meant to be used as part of ELSA Sessions or some other therapeutic session and shouldn’t just be given out to children without some input. Please DO NOT just give these out without that important input. They are purely reminders for the pupil to take away and for parents to get involved.

It is your responsibility to decide whether the information in this leaflet will be helpful to your pupils.

Under our terms and conditions these leaflets must not be put onto school websites.

They are for printing and giving to pupils at the end of a session or you could use them as a basis for your session. Work through each part with the pupil.

You can download the leaflet here Building confidence pupil leaflet

This very thin card is perfect for leaflet printing. A little sturdier than paper.

We love these leaflet holders too. You could stack them in each section and pull out all those mini lessons to talk through and send home.

"The Favourites game is a favourite of mine and the children at school. It’s a great ice breaker in the getting to know you session. They children love it as they get to find out about me too. It’s such a simple resource, but one I use at least once a week Lesley ELSA & Learning Mentor North London."

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