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ELSA Pupil Leaflets

Here are all our ELSA Pupil Leaflets. Please click the picture to take you there. The ‘anger’ and ‘Find your calm’ leaflets are free. This will be an ongoing blog post and new leaflets will be added here.

ELSA Pupil leaflets

Advice about our ELSA Pupil leaflets

Please don’t just give them out or leave them for pupils to help themselves. They are meant to be talked through with an educator. I see them as perfect for reminders or for those reactive sessions where you need to check in with a pupil. Perhaps there has been a conflict at lunchtime and you are asked to speak to the pupils concerned. You can give them the ‘Falling out with friends’ leaflet and talk through resolving a conflict. Perhaps a pupil is struggling with tiredness and you talk through the ‘time to sleep’ leaflet with them and they can take it away.

Also PLEASE respect our resources and terms and conditions.  DO NOT upload them to school websites. They are for printing only.

This is our first bundle of 10 leaflets.

Pupil leaflet bundle

School holiday wellbeing pupil leaflet mistakes grow your brain pupil leaflet meet the ants pupil leaflet Affirmations pupil leaflet Emotional brain pupil leaflet Managing stress pupil leaflet  Understanding emotions and feelings pupil leaflet time to sleep pupil leaflet making friends pupil leaflet pupil anger trifold leaflet  Falling out with friends pupil leaflet worry time pupil leaflet find your calm leaflet worries leaflet for pupils worries leaflet for teens sadness leaflet for pupils




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