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Take a calming strategy

Children have worries and of course they should always talk to you if they are feeling a bit worried about something. It is also good to encourage children to try and cope with  their worries too. Sometimes distraction can be amazingly powerful.
These are little tear off/cut off strips with suggestions on what to do. If they are finding their minds are worrying a lot then encourage them to try one of the activities.
In time they may just do that themselves and start feeling a whole lot better.

Download: Take a coping strategy

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editable take a calming strategy

"Debbie is so inspirational. I know that if I need something to support my ELSA sessions, there will be a resource already there, or Debbie is always willing to have a go at making a new one. My go to resource library. So easy to download and keep on your own computer forever. Thanks Debbie for your hard work, you are an angel."

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