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Teen Affirmation workbook – Item 596


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The teen affirmation workbook begins by offering a clear explanation of affirmations and their significance. It is vital for young minds to grasp the concept of positive self-talk and how it can shape their perceptions and attitudes.

The workbook helps pupils to craft personalised affirmations that resonate with their unique experiences and aspirations.  Teens learn to transform negative thoughts into affirmations that inspire confidence and resilience.

Pupils will reflect on any negativity in their lives through self reflection and learn to flip these into positive affirmations. Pupils are encouraged to use their affirmations daily for 2 weeks and monitor their feelings over this time. They are then encouraged to reflect on any changes that have been observed over that 2 week period.

What’s included in the teen affirmation workbook?

  • Affirmations are… (what they are)
  • Affirmations can… (how they can benefit you)
  • Self reflection…(what are the negatives?)
  • Turning the negatives…(How to flip those negatives into a positive statement)
  • Your turn…(Practising how to flip the negatives)
  • Creating affirmations (advice on how to write one)
  • Example affirmations
  • Creating your own affirmations
  • Daily affirmation practice
  • Remember… (the importance of daily practice)
  • Keeping track…(A table for helping monitor feelings and any positive changes)
  • Reflection…(How have things changed over two weeks – question prompts)

There are 12 pages in the workbook and you can see these in the images.


"They are just so easy to print off and use. Pop in file as master and you're good to go. Free Friday is a god send!"

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