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Affirmations Activity Pack – Item 360

This resource is included in Secondary ELSA Starter Pack two – Item 470 - take a look and see how much you could save when buying this bundle!

This resource is included in Home Learning Social and Emotional Bundle – Item 364 - take a look and see how much you could save when buying this bundle!


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This affirmations activity pack has 8 affirmation statements with 6 activities for each one. 48 sheets all together.

Activities include:

  • Word search – pupils find the affirmation within the word grid. They can cut off the bottom piece to keep and take home with them. Pupils to draw circles around the words when found and then tick the word off on the list below.
  • Reinforce the affirmation by pupils cutting up the words and rearranging them in the correct order. They can then stick them in place.
  • Further reinforcement by mindful colouring of the affirmation. This could be a homework activity if the pupil loves colouring.
  • Recall and write the affirmation
  • Play the game to personalise the affirmation
  • Worksheet to further personalise the affirmation

Affirmations activities covered:

  • I can find things to be grateful for every day
  • I can start the day being strong and brave
  • I deserve the right to sparkle and shine
  • I am a problem solver and search to find a solution
  • I have wishes and dreams for the future
  • I am choosing to have an amazing day
  • I can do anything if I keep trying
  • I can be helpful and kind to everyone

You can read more about Affirmations here

"Quick and convenient to download and complete and I love the way that many of the designs match to keep consistency. I'm not a trained ELSA but do things ELSA linked with Nurture and for the ASD children the simplicity of the designs are fantastic"

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