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Forecast on Feelings – Item 565


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Forecast on feelings activity to show pupils how our feelings can change like the weather.

This resource has many benefits from being a simple emotional register, to learning different words for different emotions and to also look at how their feelings can change just like the weather.

The pack is suitable for all ages. The weather symbols are included with and without the face. To make things very simple there are 4 weather symbols which fit in with our ‘Whole class feelings register’

Happy like a sunny day

Sad like a rainy day

Angry like a stormy day

Worried like a windy day

You will find a key included with suggested words

There is a weekly feelings register and lots of the symbols that pupils can cut and stick. There is a blank version included so pupils could draw their own weather symbols if they wish.

Ask the pupil to think about how they felt yesterday – a bit like asking what the weather was like yesterday. Ask them how they feel today, and how they want to feel tomorrow. The next day they will know how they felt yesterday so they should match, they can look at their forecast yesterday and see if they feel like that today and then make a new prediction for the next day. Over the week they will see how their feelings change day by day.

Included in the ‘Forecast on feelings’ pack:

  • 2 sheets of weather symbols with and without faces
  • key to the symbols with and without faces
  • weekly forecast sheet
  • Pipecleaner feelings register with and without faces
"The site not only gives me fantastic resources that are so budget friendly to support our pupils, it is also a great support for me too. Knowing Debbie is there with her wealth of experience is amazing and the network she has grown of other ELSAs is brilliant."

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