Weather Emotions Whole class emotional register - Item 339 -

Weather Emotions Whole class emotional register – Item 339


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This is a whole class emotional register. The register has been greatly simplified and uses weather signs as metaphors for emotions. There is ‘Happy like a sunny day’, ‘Sad like a rainy day’, ‘Angry like a stormy day’ and ‘Worried like a windy day’. Included in the pack are also some posters giving other synonyms of those emotions. For very young children just use the 4 basic emotions, but for older children add the synonym posters to your display.

The idea with this whole class emotional register is that all children start on ‘Happy like a sunny day’. Their names are written on the back of bees. Their names are showing when on sunny. If they decide to move to one of the other emotions then they can turn their names round to show the bee. Everyone else just sees the bee then which give a little privacy to the child. An adult would speak to all the ‘rainy, stormy and windy’ children.

You might find initially children will all want to move their bees, but like many things, children need training and the novelty will soon wear off. They will, with practice, use the register correctly.

There is a set of fans included if you want to use in class with focused children, or with young children you might one to print a set each for circle time activities.

A fabulous way for teachers to monitor the mood of their pupils in a fun and interactive way. Every class should have one.

This resource can also be used in ELSA Sessions, if you have room for displaying.

"The resources are such a time saver! No more scrabbling around or spending time making my own. The set interventions are great as they have everything you need including assessment paperwork. Thanks so much - please keep them coming!"

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