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Body Sensations Resource Pack – Item 477


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This is a body sensations resource pack containing lots of ways to explore body sensations linked to emotion.

Included in this resource pack:

  • 4 different skin coloured body shapes (A3 size) and 1 in black and white, each showing a blank box for writing a feeling word and a scale to scale how big the feeling is.
  • 48 image cards
  • 96 sensation describing word cards
  • 48 parts of the body cards
  • 36 colour cards for describing what colour your emotions are
  • Condensed A4 mat for discussion about feelings, sensations , sensation words and colours.
  • A blank sheet for adding any other sensations, body parts, colours that might be needed.
  • Visual representation of sizes for younger children.

Purpose of the resource

To identify body feelings and sensations.

How do we feel  in our bodies when we are anxious, angry, worried, happy, scared etc?

Do we feel tingly, numb, wobbly, trembly, hot, empty and so on?

This resource is a way for children to tell you how they are feeling in their bodies. The image cards can be used for children to place on the body shape where they are feeling this sensation.

The words could be used instead of the images in the same way. They could also be used together.

This resource is set up for A3 printing. Laminate all of the pieces so you can use it over and over for different children. This is suitable for children of all ages.

If laminated the child could also  use a dry wipe pen to draw facial expressions associated with the feeling they have.  They can mark off on the scale how big their feeling is.  There are some cards at the end of this pack with some visual representations of big, medium and small for very young children.

If the child is unsure of body parts spend a little time going through the cards and placing them where they go on the body. You could make this a bit of a game. ‘Where is the scalp?’ The child can put the word where they think the scalp should be. What feelings do you get in your scalp if you are angry? They might pick the fire or pick hot. They might pick prickly or a picture of a brush. There are so many ways to use this resource with children to talk about their feelings.

You could even use it as an interactive display. It is A3 size so you could have the body on the wall with the cards around the body so pupils could pick one of the picture or word cards and place it with a bit of bluetak onto the body where they feel that emotion.

This is such a versatile resource and I think you will use it a lot.



"I have just started my ELSA training for early years and was told about your fantastic website. What wonderful resources and cheap to purchase, as well as Freebie Friday which is amazing!"

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