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EYFS Emotions fine motor skills pack – Item 478


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This EYFS emotions fine motor skill pack is perfect for young children to explore different emotions and feelings.

37 Sheets in the pack.

Included in the pack are:

  • 12 Lacing cards covering happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised, disgusted, calm, shocked, worried, shy, confused and annoyed. There are questions for you to ask and also 5 other synonyms of that feeling word. Don’t be afraid of using big words with little children. They LOVE it! Children can use laces or a bit of wool to thread through the punched holes whilst you both chat together about that face.
  • 12 Cut outs covering the same 12 feelings. This activity is for them to cut out the correct feeling and then stick it on the A3 poster that is included.
  • 1 A3 poster for sticking the cut outs
  • 12 Make it mats – these are mats where children can use playdough or a white board pen to make the face, they can either use magnetic letters or a white board pen to make the word and they can have a go at writing a sentence about that feeling.
"Quick and convenient to download and complete and I love the way that many of the designs match to keep consistency. I'm not a trained ELSA but do things ELSA linked with Nurture and for the ASD children the simplicity of the designs are fantastic"

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