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Angry Arnold’s Lapbook – Item 466


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This is Angry Arnold’s lapbook for 5 to 7 year old children. It goes through the basics for anger management or regulation. It is suitable for working one to one with a child. If you want a group intervention then check out our Angry Arnold’s Anger intervention

Name – pupil writes their name in a colourful way – they could write in bubble writing or decorate it anyway they wish. Why do they like their name? How did they get their name? Do they know of anyone they admire with the same name? Do they have a nickname?

Picture– either take a photo of the pupil to stick here or ask them to draw themselves. What do they like about their body? Is there anything they don’t like? What amazing things can they do with their bodies? How do they take care of their bodies? Talk about exercise, eating, drinking, washing, going to doctors if ill etc. What about their minds? How do they keep themselves happy? Content? Relaxed etc.?

Front cover title – What are feelings? Do they know? Have a discussion about what anger is. Make sure they are aware that the things you are going to be working on will help with their anger.

Feelings wheel – Use this to show children Arnold looking angry, sad, happy and scared. Use the wheel as an emotional register to see how they are feeling today and also use it throughout any of your sessions to link to scenarios, facial expressions etc that might come up. At this stage only 4 feelings are needed but you can discuss different words for happy, sad, angry and scared.

Happy/angry pocket This activity is about sorting happy and angry faces to help the pupil recognise facial expressions and also scenarios so they can link a reason to the emotions of happy and angry. Use the scale to illustrate how big the feeling is.

Body shape– This is for work on physical feelings. Laminate the body shape so it can be drawn on with dry wipe pen. Talk about how we feel our emotions in our bodies and mark off the areas that might be affected by our anger. Use the Angry Arnold cut out to talk about physical feelings. You can also download a set of free PHYSICAL FEELING FANS from the website which might help to prompt the child.

Thought’s pocket – This activity is about thoughts and how we might think when we are happy or angry. Use Angry Arnold looking angry and happy to use with the thought bubbles. You could also use the scenarios as a prompt and discussion point on what you might think when something happens.

Triggers pocket This activity is about discussing triggers for anger. What sort of things trigger their anger? They can draw, write or you can scribe.

Game – This game is a simple game to use with the scenarios cards and faces cards in the happy/angry pocket.

Coping skills pocket – This has a few ideas for coping skills for you to try with the children. They can also come up with their own coping skills. You can scribe or they can write or draw.

"I am a lead Thrive Practitioner and I love your resources which I can use as starters or as a full session"

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