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Emotions Bus – Item 508


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This emotions bus resource is for pupils who have an special interest in buses. It is colourful, bright and engaging.
You can use this as an emotional register perhaps tracking throughout the day. You could use it as a talking point and teach emotions by placing different faces in each window. Can the pupil identify and label the facial expressions? There are lots of words included so the pupil can learn new vocabulary for the facial expressions that they can see. Ill could be sick, poorly and so on.
The bus template could be used just for drawing or writing in the windows. If laminated the pupil could use a whiteboard pen.

What is included in the emotions bus?

  • A bus template
  • 25 emoji faces to cut out
  • 88 Small feeling word cards

Examples of how to use

  • Can you label the feeling each person on the bus has?
  • The driver looks upset. What is the reason?
  • Why is one of the people angry?
  • Which person is sad?
  • Which feeling do you have? Where are you sitting on the bus? Can you point?
  • Can you put a happy face on the bus?
  • Can you put a sad face on the bus?
  • What other words could you use for the word sad?

Benefits of the emotions bus

  • It is fun and engaging
  • Pupils can learn to recognise facial expressions
  • They can learn to label their feelings and learn new vocabulary
  • Pupils will be able to identify and express why they feel like they do

Other uses for this resource

  • Print the PDF larger and make it up as a wall display, all the pupils who visit your room could add their facial expression to the bus.
"Fabulous resources- takes the hard work out of planning sessions as Debbie has done it all for you. Cannot recommend this site enough."

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