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Stress Bucket Resource Pack – Item 483


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This resource is about stress and coping strategies.

Some stress can be good because it can actually encourage and motivate you to work harder. When you get too much stress it can make you feel overwhelmed. Finding a balance is key to managing stress.

Stress bucket

The bucket is a metaphor for the body and the water is a metaphor for stress and coping strategies. This resource will lead the child through making a stress bucket and learning how to use it.

Levels of stress

Depending on the person, the level of water in the bucket may already be high due to past experiences. Stress entering the body isn’t necessarily filling up an empty bucket. It is adding to what is already there.

Every day stressors can soon overflow the bucket. There are always people and children who blow up over the slightest thing and this is probably because their stress is quite high all of the time.

Turning on the tap

Turning the tap on is a metaphor for letting out the stress and the best way to do this is through coping strategies. Coping strategies can be anything that the calms the person down from ‘calming breathing’ to ‘having a run’. It might also be things they enjoy doing, something that makes them feel happy. It can be individual to the person on what works for them. What relieves their stress?

Included in the pack

  • Stress scales. These could be used as bookmarks and taken away.
  • A4 poster that could be stuck to the wall as a reminder
  • 24 additional supporting worksheets
  • An A4 bucket and pocket – pupils can put their stress INTO the bucket by using the pocket
  • Cloud and water for the craft
  • Different sizes of water droplets
  • Information sheets including examples of stressors, de-stressing ideas, physical body signs, and how it affects emotions and behaviour

A free resource that can compliment this pack.

sensory word mat

44 sheets altogether in this pack


"I love how user friendly the website is and all of the amazing free and paid resources that come with full lesson plan ideas, you can literally print and go which is great sometimes when you don't have as much planning time as you would like."

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