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Difference Sorting Activity – Item 577


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This is a difference sorting activity.

Some things are exactly the same and some things are completely different. Lots of things are the same but different or different but the same. They have things in common. Look at the cards and decide whether they are exactly the same, completely different or they have things in common. Can you discuss the differences? Sort them out into the different pockets.

This activity is good for helping pupils to understand difference. Each card can be discussed before sorting into the correct pocket. It is easy to see things that are completely different and things that are completely the same but those others where there might be things in common might be a bit difficult to sort. Help them explore by asking questions.

This can then be related to themselves and how they are different, but they have things that are the same as others. The final message should be that it is absolutely OK to be different.

Included in the difference sorting activity

  • Sorting mat
  • 3 pockets with same, different and in common
  • 56 sorting cards
  • 5 supporting worksheets



"Debbies resources are amazing and so relevant for our young people. There is something for everyone and the children love the variety of activities. Whats even better are the free resources- Debbie will even create something for you if its not on the site already. Thanks for everything Debbie."

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