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Affirmation watches or bracelets-Item 440


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This is a huge pack of ‘affirmation watches or bracelet’ worksheets with a lovely cut out watch/bracelet at the bottom to help pupils use their affirmation. This is a fab pack for self esteem. Knowing our strengths/positive characteristics can be incredibly powerful. Using their watch and repeating the ‘I am affirmation’ regularly during the day will help to embed that belief.

The worksheet is basically for talking about that characteristic, drawing a picture of a time when the child used that characteristic and then writing a sentence about it. They can then cut out their watch to take away.

Included in the pack:

  • 50 worksheets with a watch/bracelet to cut out at the bottom
  • 6 PowerPoint slides for editing so you can add any other characteristics I haven’t included. There is also one black and white watch should the child want to decorate their own. (This is editable in PowerPoint).
  • 1 pack of extenders should you need a bit more width to the watch or bracelet. They fit around my wrist so am sure they will fit around a child’s wrist without any issue.


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