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Brain Bingo – Item 558


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This is a brain bingo game for pupils to learn about different parts of the brain. There are 8 base boards so 8 pupils can play at the same time which makes it a great group game. Each picture highlights a part of the brain and gives it a name.

Included in the brain bingo game

  • 8 base boards with images in different positions
  • 3 sets of calling cards – one is a direct match, the second gives the jobs of parts of the brain and the third puts the jobs into context – eg I am having a panic attack, I am balancing on a beam etc.

Some pupils really respond to the science behind their emotions and the first step is learning about the different parts of the brain and the jobs they do.

This is suitable for all age groups providing they don’t mind the faces on the images.

It assumes a little prior teaching such as with our Brain and emotions pack

Brain and emotions

The more pupils play the game the more they will learn the names and functions of parts of the brain.

Additional use for this resource could be printing two sets of one of the boards and playing a pairs game or snap.

"They are bright and colourful, easy to use, cheap (as I pay for them myself) and easy to dip in and out of when you need to mix and match resources for bespoke sessions. They are just great and I don't know how we'd all manage without you Debbie! Thank you x"

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