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A to Z of Emoji Emotions Booklets – Item 556


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This is an A to Z of Emoji Emotions Booklets, a booklet for every letter of the alphabet. These match our free poster on the website.

These are simple to print out and fold into a booklet which the pupils could take away with them. They can be suitable for all age groups with the images being emojis. They will learn a lot about each emotion.

Each A to Z of Emoji emotions booklet has an emoji with a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and asks pupils to think about:

  • Other word that might be used for that emoji
  • The facial expression
  • What makes them feel that way
  • What their thoughts might be
  • What they might say or do if they feel that emotion
  • How to cope with or promote that emotion. This would depend on whether it is a more difficult emotion that you need to deal with or  an emotion that you want more of

Each little booklet folds up to have a title cover, 5 working pages and a back cover. Instructions for folding are included in the pack. There is also a video on this post to show me folding one of the booklets.

Using this type of resource is more fun than just a traditional worksheet. They are tiny, visual and great to hold and use.


"Don’t know how I could do ELSA without Debbie’s wonderful free resources. The children really enjoy them. Thank you Debbie"

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