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A to Z of emotions of poster

A to Z of emotions poster – How do you feel today? How many times do you ask your children that? Either at home or school? This poster is fab for teaching children some ‘feeling’s vocabulary’. Display it and check in with your children on a regular basis. The more vocabulary they know and understand the more emotionally literate they will be. Also as an added benefit they might use more interesting vocabulary in their writing. They might develop a better sense of empathy so understand what the characters are thinking, feeling and saying.

Download: A to Z of emotions

*Resource updated by request with ‘How do you feel today?’ for a check in poster

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"Debbie goes above and beyond to help with any resource we need. I particularly love the ‘Express Yourself’ booklet. The kids love it! It’s a good conversation starter, especially when I print one for myself and we draw by sharing experiences together. Love it! Dona Jones - SEN/SEMH Teaching Assistant and ELSA (primary)"

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