Disgusted Doug Resource Pack

May 9, 2019
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Disgusted Doug Resource Pack

This resource is to help children understand the emotion of ‘disgust’ and was requested from a Reception teacher. Disgust is one of the core emotions and is quite an important emotion to teach. The other core emotions are ‘sadness, happiness, surprise, anger, and fear’. Disgust tends to help us keep safe by turning us away from things that might hurt us or make us ill. This resource is suitable for EYFS and KS1. It may even be suitable for older children with limited emotional literacy. This resource is offered for free for #elsafreefriday.

This resource consists of:

  • Disgusted Doug PowerPoint show
  • Disgusted Doug PDF of the show if you do not have use of a computer.
  • Disgusted Doug Poster
  • Disgusted Doug Poem
  • Disgusted Doug Supporting worksheets (4 worksheets)

You can download a zip pack of all these resources here. Please ensure you are opening on a computer/laptop with unzipper software. This file may not open if you are trying to open on a phone or tablet. You may need to install an app to enable you to open.

Disgusted Doug Resource Pack

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