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Daily Check in Bookmarks

These are daily check in bookmarks to compliment our Check in Posters and worksheets.

I chose these questions carefully and they consist of:

  • How am I feeling? -This is a matter of labelling the feeling which might be happy, sad, sick etc
  • What made me smile? This was to help pupils be more positive and look for things that make them smile. Smiling is good for you!
  • What is my goal? Remember small steps. Steps so small that they can’t fail. Lots of tiny steps can make a huge change.
  • What am I grateful for? Daily practice of gratitude is a real booster for wellbeing. They can be grateful for the tiniest thing such as their Cocoa pops at breakfast.
  • Who can I talk to? -It is good to be reminded of who you can talk to if you need to. It might be a friend, a teacher, an ELSA, a family member.
  • What strength can I use today? This is a reminder that they do have strengths and can use them every single day. They might want to use their strength of kindness to be kind to everyone that day. For strength cards check our blog post

Included in this pack are 5 bookmarks to a page in pastels and neutrals.

Download: Check in bookmarks

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"Debbies resources are amazing and so relevant for our young people. There is something for everyone and the children love the variety of activities. Whats even better are the free resources- Debbie will even create something for you if its not on the site already. Thanks for everything Debbie."

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