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Bucket full of kindness display pack

This is a bucket full of kindness display pack. This resource will encourage pupils to be kind to each other and will promote kindness.

Pupils can fill in their acts of kindness on the water droplets and pop them into the pocket of the bucket to fill it up.

Download: Bucket of kindness

Please note this is a zipped file and may not open on your phone. Please use a laptop to download and open it.

Next week’s #elsafreefriday will be a lesson plan to introduce this.

"My favourite resource that’s so simple, yet effective is the ‘can I control it’ activity. I have used this time and time again with KS1 children and it has helped them to decipher what is or isn’t in their control. I love the free resources and the mindful colouring (all variations), who doesn’t love a bit of colouring"

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