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Bubble of 2021 giant mindful colouring posters

A request for a change to our ‘Class of 2020’ poster.  I thought it might work well to welcome children back to school even if they only come a few at a time. You can print this as a giant poster on your wall and children can add themselves as they come back. They can sign or write their name in coloured pens in the numbers of the year and write a memory of lockdown in a speech bubble.

For social distancing you can print out the poster in A4 sheets and each child can colour their bit in. Once done it can all be put together on the wall.

Once it is complete you can photograph it and give one to each child.

Let me know if there aren’t enough speech bubbles for your class. I can add a few more.

You can download instructions for printing here

Printing your posters

You can download the posters here

Bubbles of 2021

"I am a head of year in a secondary school. I am not ELSA trained, but I find this site so helpful in my day when working with the students. 
It is a very valuable resource that I use every day.
 Thank you."

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