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BRAVE Poster Children’s Mental Health Week

The is the last of the Children’s Mental Health Week resources for this year. We bring you a BRAVE Poster. We do have resources from Last year which you are welcome to download from here.

This is a BRAVE poster using each letter acrostic style. I did get a bit of help on ‘E’ from members of the ELSA Facebook Community. Had some great suggestions but I chose this one.

Being brave feels amazing, once you have overcome that initial fear. Hope you like this poster which is set for A3 printing, although you can print it smaller too if you wish. Go through each phrase and discuss with your pupils. Remind them often to be brave and just try. Pupils need to understand that even telling someone about their fears is being incredibly brave.


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"I don’t know what I’d do without the fab resources. I love them and more importantly the children love them. There’s always a resource to help you out."

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