Children’s Mental Health Week 2019

February 1, 2019
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Children’s Mental Health Week 2019

Children’s Mental Health Week is from 4th to the 10th February 2019 and the topic is Healthy: inside and out.

To support this week I am offering a free resource for #elsafreefriday

There are 104 question cards entitled ‘Looking after YOU’  covering physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing. These cards are brilliant for a warm up before starting your session or could be used as a teaching or discussion point.

Download: Looking after you questions cards

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6 thoughts on “Children’s Mental Health Week 2019

  1. Julie

    Thank you Debbie
    I will be working with 2 new children next week. One child had disclosed that he thinks about self harming and the other has a personal hygiene problem. These cards will be great for both children.

  2. Selestin

    Thank you Debbie. we have organised special assembly to talk about ‘Children Mental Health Week’ 2019 with the theme of Health inside and out. So we can use these question cards to raise awareness about their Mental Health and
    Well being.

    Thank you for this great support as always.

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