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Autumn Emotions Wreath

This is an Autumn emotions wreath for pupils to track their feelings over the Autumn season. It is suitable for all pupils regardless of age. Younger children might need a little help to understand the colour key.

Tracking feelings helps pupils become more in tune with their emotions. They gain a deeper understanding of what they are feeling, why they are feeling that way, and how their emotions affect their thoughts and behaviours.

By monitoring their feelings, pupils can learn to regulate them more effectively. This means being better equipped to manage stress, anxiety, and other strong emotions and promote more comfortable ones.

Over time, tracking their emotions allows pupils to identify patterns or triggers that may be contributing to their emotional experiences. This insight can help them make positive changes in their lives.

Tracking their feelings can lead to improved communication with others. When pupils can articulate their emotions, it becomes easier to express themselves and share their needs with friends, family, or an ELSA.

Simply acknowledging and documenting their emotions can be cathartic and reduce stress. It provides an outlet for processing difficult feelings and experiences.

Included in the Autumn Emotions Wreath pack:

    • A wreath with colour key
    • 6 autumn colour leaves (30 to a page) print as many as you need.
    • Both sheets in black and white so pupils can colour in if they want to

Download: Emotions Wreath


"I love them , I have been a pastoral TA in Primary for 4 years and have used them a lot , currently doing ELSA training !"

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