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Active April Wellbeing Club planning

This is our Active April Wellbeing Club Planning.

Many of you are running wellbeing groups at lunchtimes and after school. You will find lots of resources to help you do this from our free resource section.

Of course you could also use this planning as part of your ELSA role too. They could even be used whole class if needed. Give the link to your teachers!!!

Each month I will release a month’s worth of planning with links to resources that you can use. The planning will be released before the beginning of each month to give you chance to gather the resources.

Objective for sessions: To find ways to be more physically active

Regular physical activity is vital for the healthy growth and development of children. It strengthens bones, muscles, and cardiovascular health, while also helping to maintain a healthy body weight, thus reducing the risk of obesity and related health issues. Furthermore, physical activity enhances cognitive function and academic performance by improving concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills. It also boosts mood and mental health by releasing endorphins, promoting feelings of happiness and well-being, and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Engaging in sports and group activities fosters social interaction and confidence building, as children learn to socialise, collaborate, and develop essential interpersonal skills.

Here’s what the Active April session looks like:

  1. Welcome and Feelings Check-in: Start by asking pupils how they’re feeling, and they can pinpoint their emotions using the chart you’ll print out.
  2. Main Activity: These are all hands-on. Activities such as  crafting, drawing, movement or colouring. Plus, there’ll be minimal writing involved.
  3. Relaxation: Wrap up with a calming activity to ease pupils back into their routine. It’s the perfect way to transition back to class smoothly.

Active April is part of our wellbeing year calendar resources.

We also have a leaflet for Active April

Download: Active April Wellbeing club planning


"A fantastic and inspirational website. The resources are an ELSA's dream, everything is so well thought out and each one can be used for more than one purpose. I have recommended the website to other ELSA's in my supervision group and they all think it's great too!"

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