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Wellbeing Week additional resources Item 417


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Someone asked for some resources to support the FREE PowerPoints we have released on Wellbeing week.

This resource has:

  • Editable certificates in PowerPoint (the name is editable) – in this format you have the option to save as an image file for sending electronically to a pupil at home
  • PDF version for printing and handwriting the pupil’s name
  • 7 digital stickers which are image files without a background that you can paste digitally onto any work a pupil has sent you or you can just send them a sticker over email, zoom etc
  • Bookmarks in colour and in black and white for colouring


"The resources are brilliant, they really have helped me in setting up my ELSA. I have so much more confidence with the help of this site. Thank you Debbie; your help is amazing."

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