What do I want to talk about? – Art therapy exercise

August 16, 2016
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What do I want to talk about?

What do I want to talk about? – I saw this idea on Pinterest for American School Counsellors so have adapted for ELSAs/Learning mentors but this could also be used in class by a teacher. It is an art therapy type exercise and will get children thinking about what might be bothering them or also things that are going well for them. It prompts them to think about different areas so that you are able to support them the best you can. This could also be used by Parents to prompt discussion with their child.

This activity will give more focus to your discussions as the child will have had some thinking time so will have a much better idea on what they wish to talk about with you.

I would have a stack of these in the classroom that children can go and get when ever they like. You could have a post box so they could post them to you.

You could do this with a child on a one to  one basis. If the child needs help with the reading then read all the different labels to them. Let them fill it in independently.

An alternative to this would be for the child to colour in each area as they talk about it with you.

Download: Art therapy heart

what do I want to talk about

9 thoughts on “What do I want to talk about? – Art therapy exercise

  1. Mary

    Hi, I’m anxious to try this one with a few kiddos. Sometimes they don’t even know how to answer the question. so here they have a menu to choose from.

  2. Analiese Campbell

    This is great for those children who don’t really understand what they need to talk about. A great getting to know them activity. X

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